Feedback - Kickr resistance / mac vs windows

So, done a few rides now and have a few thoughts:

Resistance with the Kickr - seems smooth and reliable enough at all the rights points on the circuit, it just isn’t hard enough overall! Managing to cycle most of the circuit in around the 18th gear, i can never do this in real life. Sometimes i’m in top gear, 100rpm, 30 mph, and guys overtake me really fast! How? I’ve got no more gears left to put more power down.

Comparing Window 8 version (in Bootcamp) to the OSX 10.10 - Connection with the Kickr can be a bit unreliable on the Mac version, both initial connection before a ride and dropping signal every minute or so during - immediately jump over to the Windows version in Bootcamp, haven’t changed anything and works just fine, and can ride for an hour with no signal drop at all.

… strangely when i do have signal issues with OSX / Kickr - the resistance when it did work seemed much more to my liking, i.e. never needed to venture into the big chainring like normal. … this may be an anomaly as will contine with Windows version for now.

For those that don’t have the PC in the same room as the bike and the big screen, here’s my experiences:

Running Zwift on Windows - try “AirParrot 2” to beam your screen to an Apple TV or Chromecast.

Running Zwift on OSX - use AirPlay to AppleTV for the most seamless and high resolution experience, or AirParrot 2 as an alternative.

MapMyRide — files seems to manually upload nicely to MapMyRide, although an option to do this like you can with Stava would be a real bonus!

+1 on the resistance! I can spin out my smallest cog going for the green Jersey and I know I can hit higher power than this allows!

Just completed a couple of great rides this weekend, can report that resistance seems spot on with the Kickr now – using the full complement of gears now! … and trouble free connection first time to all my ANT+ devices on the mac version.

Looking forward to the iPhone app so i can control those icons that keep changing in top left of screen! – i’m sure they are meant to do something?


I’m having the same problem with low resistance - running out of gears even though my legs want more.

What did you do to get full use out of your gears?