Feedback for Pace Partners Crashed Game Twice

My game has been asking me to give feedback on Pace Partners after I end a ride with one. First time I wanted to leave feedback on the way that the game doesn’t automatically follow the PP’s path so I lost them immediately while everybody else in the massive group still followed. Upon hitting a certain limit of characters, the game crashed completely, failing to submit feedback and also losing my ride data before I could save it. I relaunched the game and tried to join up with the same Pace Partner. I realized that I had been choosing one that was moving much faster than me so after it left me I completed a full ride. When given the opportunity the leave feedback I tried again, making sure to type slow enough that the game could catch up. The feedback system appears to slow down the more letters you type, and hitting a certain character limit will freeze and then crash the game. This time I lost a longer ride and a new PR.

I definitely want to leave this feedback for the team to look at but as I am rather new to Zwift, I’m not sure if there is a support team I can speak to about retrieving my rides? Really frustrated by this. Some follow-up info:

  • Companion app appears to think I’m still in my ride so it can’t retrieve any data. I wanted to check before crying about losing my ride data…
  • I am using a gaming laptop with an i7 processor and 16GB of ram so no reason to think it was a hardware issue.
  • That said, I did notice the game wasn’t running super well after my second login.

Thanks for reading.