Fedback Tour of Zwift 2020 Stages 1 to 4 - Running

Stage 1 and 2 were good, classic runs.

Although in a fantasy setting, Stage 3 was varied and interesting. My favorite so far.

Stage 4 was a disappointment. Climbing to the hilltop at 12-15 degree incline during 1.3Km was just too much to be pleasant. I would scratch this one in the future.

Any other feedbacks ?

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Interesting. I really liked 2, but then I like the Innsbruck course. Watopia was ok but I’d have liked it to be hillier.

I’m about to do the Bologna one tomorrow morning. However, it’s not a world as such, I really like it as a course.

I missed London because I was away. Tbh I’m really not a fan, possibly because it passes by where I work! London is just about the worst place to ride.

Looking forward to Yorkshire and Richmond.

I found stage 4 odd, there were cyclists on course in addition to the runners. I don’t recall seeing cyclists on stages 1-3.

I haven’t been able to do any of the runs. Because as someone who works out in the mornings and has to leave by 6:45am CST, neither the 2am or the 6am tour times really work for me. It would be great if there were more variation in times. I realize there is some variation on different days. But not enough for me to make it work. I’ve even done rides at 3am… sucks. But ok. I’m going to nix 2am runs though.