February Update?

Are we “getting” a bugda… I mean, UPdate for February? Isn’t PD4 supposed to be in there?

PD4 is still being tweaked but they suggested it might be rolled out to Pace Partners in a world prior to full release (as well as more community events). Doesn’t look to be too far off regardless.

I think it’s the first month since they moved to monthly releases that we haven’t had an app update??? Maybe they are hiring a new QA team :man_shrugging:

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The January update was later (26th Jan) than December (7 Dec). I thought we were going to skip January all together and have an early February update for Scotland. With the Scotland update being very late January it looks like we could be skipping February so will it be an early March update or a late March update?

I say early March because issuing patches for the March update in April is probably a bad look.