Feature Request: "Route Lock"

Currently, when you are riding on a route, you still have the option to make a turn off-route. Once you have taken a turn off-route there’s no easy way of getting back on route. When you combine this with the fact that some routes are really long (eg PRL, uber pretzel), the fact that it takes one miss-click on the pop-up menu to do a u-turn, the fact it takes one accidental click on the screen (ipad/iphone etc) to take a wrong turn (even sweat on the screen can do this) and you can lose literally hours of progress towards a route badge, or get dropped from a “pacer bot pack” hours into a ride.

It would be really useful if the user interface offered the option, either at route selection time, or from the pop-up menu, or both to “lock” the route (unless you went back into settings to “unlock” it again), locking you into the route, navigating automatically (as now) and not showing pop-up “turn signs” at junctions.