Favorite workouts List

It would be great to be able to save workouts you love to a “Favorites List” so you don’t have to dig through all of the workouts to find ones that you like. It’s very hard to remember where the workout lives when you have to dig through the Title (ie. Build me up) and then Weeks 1-10 in some cases and then the actual name of the workout.

Just an idea. I would love to be able to bookmark workouts or “heart” them to a favorites list.

I fully agree with this as the new interface has made navigation more difficult, not easier.
One of my issues is that the top third of my screen just has “Find Some Company”, I need to scroll down to Just Ride and then go to routes and find the route I want. Previously Watopia was the a default option and it remembered which ride I had last done. The new interface means that starting a ride now requires multiple “clicks”. Any chance of a favourites link so riders can select the last ride they rode?