Favero Duo vs Stages(humility content)

Hello, all, I recently purchased some used Assioma Duo Shi and installed some used Ultegra bodies. They are a sweet piece of kit, and I was hoping that they would line up nicely to my Stages crankarm PMs, of which I have 4. The stages are 3 version 3, and one version 2, and all read pretty consistently within each other, although, my only way to measure is how I feel vs. power output, and they all seem pretty close.

The Duo I can run at the same time as the stages, and compared to 3 of them, they are around 20-25w lower. I thought something must be wrong, and I went through the process of the static weight test. I used two bathroom scales and one luggage scale(claiming to be accurate to .02lb), and got fairly consistent readings within .2lb or so, and two were quite consistent(including the luggage scale and brand new smart scale).

In summary, the Duo was nearly spot on to the 30lb dumbbell. The great news is that they are correct, but the bad news is, I am not as hot as I thought I was with my power numbers! :rofl: I would have thought maybe one of the stages could have been off, but all three by that much was a bit surprising. I guess I need to lower my FTP so I don’t have poor performance numbers all of the time. For example, yesterday’s ride was mostly easy, but with a few good efforts. The stages had me at a 2sec power record of 1380w and said my ride was anerobic. The Favero had me at a base ride.

Anyone else have a similar experience or any advice?

I wonder if it’s a similar issue to what’s discussed in this thread:

It seems that stages are all over the place.

I had an original stages crank arm (Dura Ace) which at one time reckoned I did 3000w maximum.

Totally false.

I got rid of those. They also needed electrical tape around the power meter unit to keep the battery cover secured and you shouldn’t ride in rain, because it would get water in there.