Favero assioma uno

(Ian IP Phys.Therapy) #1

It’s Working perfect with garmin 910xt but only reading half the watts on zwift via Bluetooth?? Why is this?? Ian

(Jason K) #2

Zwift can only pair to one power device at a time. It looks like these pedals only transmit the power for one leg, which is why it’s only seeing half your power.

For other one-sided pedal meters, we’ve built a workaround that doubles power. It sounds like we’ll need to add support for this one. Thanks for the report - I’ll pass this on to our dev team.

(Dario Frattini (PRS) D) #3

FYI, they work fine with ANT+. See if you can connect them that way in the meantime.

(Niclas Uggla) #4

When is this fixed?? I want to use zwift but I only get half wattage with my Favero assioma Uno! :frowning:

(Andreas Schönfeld) #5

Same Problem overhere in germany too . My faveros unos arrived today,but show only half of the wattage. 

(John Walker) #6

Same problem with DUO pedals, because the PC and mobile link only allow bluetooth  connection to one of the pedals.   I can choose either left or right, but Zwift only shows the power of the one pedal.  We need Zwift to double the one pedal as a minimum… Supporting both pedals via bluetooth would be even better.

(Rob H Rob) #7

Same problem with duo pedals in The Netherlands. Zwift online shows the Power of one pedal. 

(Stephen Crabb TrainerRoad) #8

Same problem here with DUO pedals. I was thinking of making it a one sided UNO system to play on ZWIFT but thats a no go as well. Hopefully the clever boy and girls at Zwift are on the case as there will be a lot of these devices soon. 

(Rob Simons) #9

(Andreas Schönfeld) #10

Hi, ist there any progress in fixing the bug with the assioma favero? Six weeks have passed And my ipad still shows half of the wattage.come on guys, can‘t be such a big deal to double the Power received from those Pedals. You can do that, and please do it soon. Thanks, Andi

(Peter Vachtler) #11

Hi there! Also waiting for the problem to be fixed, until then i wont subscribe.

(Declan Stevenson) #12

Zwift plz fix


(Bart Visser) #13

Same problem here in South-Africa…Please help us we want  to ZWIFT!!!

(Bart Visser) #14

Same problem here in South-Africa…Please help us we want to ZWIFT!!!

(Ovidiu Dressler) #15

Same problem here with the DUO pedals. I can only connect one of them as power source via BLE. Please fix.


(Yiannis.K (ICC)) #16

Hi, I have the favero assioma duo. Same problem, only half the power showing. Please address this issue. Thanks

(Cory Hegman) #17

I also have same problem would be great to have Duo read both power outputs as like the others only half power shows. I would like to add that one of your competitors has already addressed this issue specifically, so it can be done. Thank you for the great product and support.

(Rob Simons) #18

I’m using the Uno with ant+, no issues using Zwift this way.

(Mark Hoppé) #19

Another one with the half power problem with the Favero Assioma. Sorry to say, but if it can’t be fixed before your ‘grandfather’ price offer closes, I’ll be very seriously looking elsewhere.  

(Peter Halle) #20

Same here, should be easy to fix