Favero Assioma Uno and Spin bike - jumpy watts

This is my first time using power pedals, or any power meter on a bike.
I added them to my spin bike and all is connected and working, (doubling the power is also off in the app).

Is it normal for the watts to jump from say 180 to 220 to 178 to 190 all in the space of a few seconds, with the cadence being constant? I am trying to cycle at a steady cadence and power but the watts jumps around a lot. Are power meters really sensitive?

Will changing the watt setting in zwift help? the 3 second average setting?

Hi @Billy_Patel

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Yes the pedals are that sensitive, I would turn on 3 second averaging.

Some of this is caused by the spinning bike friction pads gripping more on some part of the flywheel than other parts. Cleaning the wheel will help and also apply the silicone-based oil to the wheel

Thanks, yeh thinking about it, ive had the bike for 2 years now and i havent done any maintenance on it, didnt consider the bike itself. I’ll look into that

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