Favero Assioma Uno and Duo power meter support

(Stuart Miles) #1

Please Zwift, Favero Assioma users like me have been waiting six months or more for Zwift to support our power meters and get the correct power.

The Uno (which I have) shows double the correct power and I believe the Duo shows half the correct power!

I, like many others, am losing patience now and will cancel my subscription if this is not fixed very soon.

Thanks in advance,




(Vincent W.) #2

This is still a work in progress and we appreciate your patience with us! Of course we will update you as soon as there is new information on the issue. Thank you for writing in! 

(Nigel Doyle) #3

Surely it’s just a matter of connecting with ANT+? My Assioma Duo pedals report correct power on Zwift using ANT+

(Tomas S) #4

My Assioma Uno also works with ANT+ 

(Vincent W.) #5

Yeah ANT + is fine, it is a current issue with the Bluetooth protocol. We’ve been working with Favero to fix these issues and hopefully a fix from both sides is coming soon! 

ANT + is a broadcast connection which means multiple peripherals can connect to it. So both pedals can connect separately. BLE only allows one peripheral to connect at at time, so only 1 of the pedals is being recognized. 

The case of your UNO doubling is very peculiar. I’m going to create a support ticket for you and we’ll follow up for details. Please check your email when you can! 

(Stuart Miles) #6

Yes, it’s a problem only with bluetooth so if you use an iOS device only it doesn’t work properly.  

Thanks Vincent - let me check again tonight on exactly the issue with the Uno.  I might be mistaken and it was under-reading.  Will report back tomorrow am.


(Vincent W.) #7

Sounds good, I’m interested to see if the results changed a bit! 

(Chris Pagliccia) #8

To add another datapoint:

My rig: Cycleops JetFluidPRO trainer + Assioma Power Meter Pedals (DUO) + Zwift for Apple TV 4K. Bluetooth communication between pedals (with built-in Cadence), Wahoo HRM, and Apple TV.

For months, this set up has been working perfectly for me. The power displayed on screen in Zwift has always been within 3 - 5 watts of power reported on my Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt head unit. Then, sometime between July 25 and Aug 2, something changed which resulted in what Stuart reported above . That is, Zwift now reports one-half the actual power output. I know there has not been a firmware update to the pedals in that time. So I suspect something in a recent Zwift update broke what was otherwise working perfectly for me. So for now, have to rely on Virtual power (based on power curve of trainer + speed sensor) for Zwift rides.

I hope this helps isolate and solve the problem for good!

(Ron Kafoury) #9

@Chris Pagliccia - This all started with the latest version of Zwift that was released around August 3rd.  I along with another friend using Assioma Duo’s, Apple TV 4k and bluetooth started having 1/2 power displayed.  I even tried ant+ and it reads as half power.  I think it’s an issue with Zwift since it started because of the update (nothing has changed with my firmware on the Assioma’s).  

Anyway, thought I’d share my update.

(E PA.Gonzalez) #10

The same for me, now my Assioma Duo doesn’t work properly in my iPad with the new update. 

Also, I still have problem with EVERY time I use my iPad I have to login again.