fault and feature request

I am new to Zwift and after a few weeks there are a couple of things that I think could be improved. I am using a Win 10 PC and a Tacx Flux.

  1. Unable to change settings before commencing a ride. Presently you have to be in the game before the “Menu” option is available. It would be nice if you could make these changes before riding.

  2. Linked to #1, I made a change to the trainer resistance under settings but not only did it not apply, I had no resistance been applied to the trainer at all. Big chainring at 7% isn’t quite right. I had to leave Zwift and enter again fresh before the changes were applied.

3.When I have finished a course I have to save it and be forced to leave Zwift. It would be good if you could save a ride and remain in Zwift so that if I want to do a different course or workout I can do so without having to leave. This would save time and keep people in the game longer. Once you’re out of the game you’re out.

  1. On screen location map option. An option to replace the leaderboard with a course map showing where you are would be beneficial. When riding, you are often presented with 2 options to turn or go straight ahead. If you’re not familiar with the courses and where you are on the course, these options are meaningless. If there is a course map (Waiopia being the key one) you could make a more informed choice as to whether to turn or not. Having the option to replace the left hand segment leader boards could accommodate this.
  1. Updates to the website are coming and should allow this to be done.

  2. You might have to submit your logs to Zwift to assist in resolving that issue.

  3. Been requested numerous times and Zwift has said that feature should be coming i the future.

4. www.zwiftgps.com might be what you are looking for. There are other application that do similar.

Here are a couple links for you to assist you in getting started:



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