Faster riders with less watts/kg

(Florian lowtrinity) #1

Hey guys,

new to Zwift and very impressed so far. Except for one thing that annoys me.

How come that riders with considerably less w/kg (talking about 0.5-1 less) are able to overtake me or keep my exact pace for kms? It may have to do with cadence but I don’t think mine is too far away from being optimal with 80-85. Also this occurs on flat terrains.

I’m using a Tacx trainer with a power2max powermeter connected to my Macbook via ANT+ (if that helps).

Any feedback appreciated.

(Les Kennedy (C)) #2

This will explain it

(Florian lowtrinity) #3

Thanks a lot.

This is what I was looking for but could not find in the resources.

(. 慢马 .) #4

They just ride smarter :) 

(Florian lowtrinity) #5

That must be it because it sometimes really seems ridicolous. Most of the time I’m driving a fixed pace and even when someone (with less watts) overtakes and I am drafting they can get away with less watts (without drafting themselves) easily. I need to outpace them with over 1w/kg to keep the draft - how does that make any sense? I’m talking about 0% so I doubt the weight is a big factor. Pretty annoying.