Fan view etc. buttons missing in Companion

There is something strange going on with the fan view button (and text/DM and whatever the third one appearing together them is) in Companion: sometimes it disappears after watching someone for a while and sometimes fails to appear altogether. The game tab appears normally so ZCA is connected to the main game app and me and the other rider are in the same world. I am not moving myself (indeed don’t even have sensors connected) when this happens.

Companion on Android (8.x and 10.x), main game app on Windows 10 and iPad, everything on the same network.(Yes, two of each, because that’s how we DS :smiley: )

Well this was weird, I force killed Companion and after relaunching it I could see the buttons again (this was for some reason specific only to the riders in the UCI continental qualifiers). Oh well, whatever.

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