Family members just want to spin while watching Netflix

I’ve got a new Zwift Hub One, which I use with the included 1 yr membership.
Other family members want to do a bit of indoor training too but are not quite so serious so just want to pedal while watching Netflix. However without The Zwift App the Zwift click won’t operate, and the default resistance is too much.

What options are available to me?

My bike has Campagnolo 10 speed. Can I remove the Zwift Cog and replace with a Campagnolo cassette?
Or, is there an app that can operate the Zwift Click independently?

You can’t put a Campagnolo cassette on a Shimano freehub. The Click and Play controllers currently only work with Zwift. One option you have is to use the virtual gears available in the QZ app ( to control the resistance. You pair the trainer to QZ, and if you also want to run Zwift you can pair QZ to Zwift. You don’t have to use the Zwift app if you don’t want to - you can just run QZ and turn on Netflix. If you have questions about QZ, talk to the developer @Roberto_Viola


I tried to get my wife to Zwift but it seems the threshold to get it to even operate is 50-70 watts (Kickr Snap)…and that was more work than she wanted to do…so I set up her hybrid (triple chainring) on a fluid trainer, smallest CR, The View on the telly and she is happy.

QZ developer here if you need help with the setup