Family Discount

I’m a BIG Fan of Zwift. And I’m trying to convince my Dad to Take a subscription on Zwift but he has some point(winter when you use Zwift hey also goes Skieen every other week).

So I thought of 2 subjection. Maybe there could be Family discount. I think you get a lot of extra Members because. Now the pay only for 1 person and one account may be used bye 2 of more people. But when you can add a fatherr of a child for 5euro or 7.50 extra instead 10 or 15euro the are willing to pay for a second family member.

I’m Really doing my best to het him to choose for Zwift instead of Tacx Trainer Software real life Movie’s. But for every pro he has for the Tacx Software I’m able to give 1 for Zwift And now comes the big one. Because he is only 19/31 day at home to use Zwift. To expensive
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Dexter Dylan Annegarn


Make sure you vote up the existing requests.


Same problem here, way too expensive for multiple users within 1 family :smiling_imp:



I would add that our entire family.  Me, my wife and my two kids are all using zwift. One kid is free, but we are still paying for three people. A bit much. So really need a family plan. I won’t be able to justify all of us once we get bumped to $15.  

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I agree with the above - a familly plan is a must.  We are a familly of four (4) plus and it would make a big difference, especially considering the recent price change.

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And in Europe we are VERY  happy with 18$ (15€) a month👹. Thank you Zwift !!!

I am done with my trial and noticed that my wife and I will get no family discount.  Is there another app that does do this?


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