Family and child plan *REQUEST*

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*EDIT* - This has not been implemented as of December 26th, 2016. PLEASE read Scott’s reply below.

Family plan i.e. $15 usd for 2 over the age of 13

Children under 13 free

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(Michael Henasey) #3

Family plan sort of makes sense but I don’t have a family of 5+ that need to use Zwift so for right now, i’d like Zwift to get all the money they can get to make this successful long-term.

I have no idea how many people are using Zwift. I typically see 100-250 riders online when I’m riding. Even if say 1000 people actually sign up and pay $10/mos. that’s only $10K a month. That’s not a lot of money for Zwift to keep the lights on and to be able to put food on the table each day. I’m sure they have big plans for how to monetize and make this successful but now isn’t the time I think to penny pinch. Just my 2 cents.

(i SteveMQ [Kura-1%PM]) #4

my suggestion:

Primary account holder = $10/month

spouse & children over 12 = $6/month each

12 & under = $2/month each (basic account “maintenance” fee)

(Tim McCarthy) #5

Zwift would still make more money with a family plan…(WAY MORE)  then they would without family plan.  Would a family pay $30 a month for three users…maybe a few.  Would a family pay $19 for three users? Yes many would.  Its pretty simple. 

(George Hill(JPCC)) #6

Not sure about the “Free” part as that could easily be abused, but Family plan, yeah!!

(L ucky) #7

I’d be more than happy to post pictures of my sub 13 year olds on zwift.

Free advertising for zwift, appeal to women (and some men) who are frequently forced to choose between working out and spending time with the kids, and Zwift gets to say they support family time - gender free.

Win win.

(Julynn Washington (WSR)X RO4H) #8

This is an awesome idea. I agree Zwift would profit greatly with the family plan than without. Another gray way to get the family involved with fitness and add to family time.

(Sam Thornton) #9

I’m all for kids riding for less / free - a great way of getting them away from the x-box/playstation and doing something a bit more active. I’m also in favour of something that allows other family members (like my wife) to use Zwift.

Recognising that not everyone is going to be riding hundreds of Kms and testing their FTP every 6 weeks, one payment option might be “pre-paid KMs”. Think of it like a pre-paid mobile phone - you buy a set amount of credit up-front which buys you so many KMs of riding. When you run out, you top up your account and carry on. This might work better for people that aren’t super-serious cyclists but want to take advantage of the platform. It might also make it easier for people to gift zCredits to people not on a monthly plan.

And theres always the chance that “pay as you ride” users might eventually transition to a full monthly subscription.

(L ucky) #10

That might work for users with kids that have their own set ups - but I pair my kid’s account to my own devices - so she can stay with me.  That would add up pretty quick.

(K Dentry (WSR) RO4H) #11

I have 5 in my family…4 of us, my boys and myself all ride on Zwift.  My wife will when she gets a bike,  A family plan is a AWESOME idea!   Anyone who thinks it is not necessary is not thinking like a smart business…and Zwift is a VERY smart business! 

(Craig Feringa) #12

I think that if ZWIFT were to implement several types of family plans, it would be a flat fee for ‘x’ number of riders regardless of age.  I can imagine a frat house somewhere that signs up with lots of ‘children’ under the age of 13.  The virtual world is harder to verify than going to Denny’s and trying to pass off your 18 y/o as being 12.  

(Mark Hewitt) #13

What about a significantly reduced rate for second accounts where members of the same group cannot be logged in at the same time? 

As people with one computer and turbo trainer aren’t going to pay double - they’ll just change the avatar each time, probably not even bother with the weight. But if there was a nominal $2 per month then Zwift get more money and people get their own accounts.

(Bas Sopora TT1) #14

This should be implemented. It will probably not incur a lot of extra traffic (=simultaneous users, =cost), as even with multiple accounts, it’s limited by how many computers, screens and trainers are in a household.

(Michael Henasey) #15

think about the simultaneous account bit…

if you are a family of 5 that can afford each person to ride simultaneously on a (1) road bike, (2) a KICKR, (3) a gaming PC, (4) large LCD, (5) iPhone for remote Zwift app, (6) and other miscellaneous items (e.g. fans, heart rate monitors, power meters, etc.)…

then is saving a few bucks a month on a family plan really needed?

LOL :slight_smile:

(L ucky) #16

Michael - I typed out a long response to your decision that this was unnecessary. I don’t think you’d really do anything but argue against it, so I’m glad you can laugh out loud at your own cleverness.

Point being, you should walk in my shoes before you decide that “saving a few bucks a month on a family plan” really isn’t needed.  And I’m sure that there are many others who can see my point of view from the wealth of their own experience.


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the LOL and :wink: and :slight_smile: should hopefully have been taken as humor but I guess it was not.


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #18

Family plan pricing (along with a savings for an annual subscription versus monthly) is simply good business sense.  I’m primary Zwift user in my household, but my wife and 9 year old son also use it.  In the case of my son, the volume he would ride is pretty negligible versus the upside to Zwift to have more subscribers.  I would be happy with either a flat family rate ($15 seems fair) or as other suggested a lower rate for young people.

Another business angle for Zwift is that if there multiple users of a system int he family then it aids retention.  It is one thing to lose one customer, but to lose the family account they would in effect need to lose the patronage of all family users.  It is more “sticky”, as a marketer might say and has more inertia to continue service.

I sympathize with some of the techincal challenges Zwift would have to implement this.  There are some real cheapskates out there that would do a family plan so that their brother living 5 hours away can mooch off their account.  That isn’t really in the spirit of the idea here, but I hope the upsides of doing this outweigh concerns about people cheating the system.

(Michael Henasey) #19

Zwift is a premium experience. $10/mos. or the price of two grande lattes from Starbucks is what it will cost. For that, you get to ride as much as you want, with free workouts, compete in races, or ride along in events. You even get your data sync’d with Strava and more coming soon. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so.

If two people want to ride simultaneously on the same “account” I think they should have separate accounts and pay $10/mos. each.

Now I don’t see a reason why Zwift would not allow us in the future to create multiple avatars with each account and then allow only one login at a time but you could then choose any avatar. That way your 13 y/o son, S.O., etc. could ride Zwift as well, just not all at the same time for $10 mos.

One thing Zwift will need to bring to market is the ability for a business to have an account but allow multiple hook-ups and riding simultaneously. This would be for gyms/training centers. Computrainer’s Multirider is what I’m talking about. This isn’t a “family” plan but it’s one geared towards a business that wants to offer Zwift in a multi-rider training experience. The cost would probably be comparable to CompuTrainer and probably not $15/mos.

So, i’m not opposed to Family plan but Zwift is almost like a luxury item to me. It’s really nice to have but I don’t need it. They have a really wonderful product that we’ve all been fortunate enough to shape, for FREE!, for the past year. I don’t mind paying $20/mos. for my wife and I. I really wish they were further along with features such as Workouts, Multiple Courses, etc. but I truly believe they will get there and it will be awesome.

So, keep up the great work Zwift! Ultimately its up to them to offer some sort of discounted plan. If they do, then great. If not, then so be it.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #20

Family Plans are definitely uh…planned? They are. We’ll have more details in the future as we continue.