Family and Child Plan Request

We’re in that class…I won’t pay for multiple plans. Peloton allows multiple users on 1 account for 1 price

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Hi Zwift Product Management Team,

we really appreciate that you offer now access for children up to age of 16 (

In order to further grow your user base and revenue, please consider offering a (for all parties reasonable) multiple user/profile plan for one household. Netflix has it, Peleton has it, Spotify has it. With some analysis, your analytics team should be able to predict the return on investment of this request based on the couples that currently use one account and based on couples using two accounts, and all the users in this thread considering upgrading to “family”. Also, please consider the marketing impact of letting Zwift fans promote your product to their significant others.

Also, would be great to occasionally get feedback from the product team if this is being considered :slight_smile:

All the best,


This would be a huge help and get more users in the system and riding!

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My husband and I would definitely sign up for a family plan if it was an option at, let’s say, 1.5 of the monthly cost. Right now, 18.99 CAD (or is it 19.99 CAD?) x 2 is too much money for us.


+1 for the Family plan for all the reasons above: your competition offers it (whether Peleton or Rouvy), it’s an expectation from a modern SaaS buyer, in most cases your marginal cost should negligible since everyone is sharing a trainer.

I just spent a bunch of money on a smart trainer setup, and I’m shopping for a service. Not having a family plan is a dealbreaker, so I’m looking at competing products.

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+1 for a family-plan! Same old wife-and-me-share-a-trainer-situation… Come on Zwift!

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Yes, need the family plan

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Please consider a family plan so my wife can join in the fun. It’s to expensive as it is just for occasional rides.

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My wife, daughter and I would also really like to see a family plan. Please bring it on!

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+1 :+1::grinning: me and my wife

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My wife is watching me Zwift on the treadmill, and she’s getting jealous. +1 here

Zwift Running is still free, so she can create an account and join in on the fun.

This makes sense to me. +1

Really? I’ll give it a shot. Nothing came up as “free” for the initial account (I’m fairly certain), so it never occurred to me that subsequent accounts would be available (run-only or otherwise).

Thanks for the tip!

You only have to pay for biking running is still free.

Thanks for the insight, Paul. I scoured the site looking for rate information addressing the free running, and there’s, really, nothing mentioning the differentiation between running and cycling. I had a look at my account, and, sure enough, nothing has been billed. Here I was thinking I was supporting the app (while I wait for rowing to be implemented).

I’m guessing that, upon your first cycling workout, your account is “activated” and your trial and billing begins.

Zwift must listen to its users or bid them farewell

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Same here. So essentially we don’t even miss Zwift. I don’t know why I’m still here. Just because everyone I know is on Zwift… I’m making some of them a convert to Rouvy for the time being for family accounts, though

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I’ll join the +1 crowd on this.

This get my vote.