Family and Child Plan Request

Think Zwift is hosted on AWS, so expect you pay a flat rental, then usage based on cpu/ memory/ storage/ network/ etc. (other cloud providers will charge in a similar way)
IT running costs like people, monitoring software, all the licenses, admin…
then Zwift use people to do the ride admin, which is I suspect lives between the above and the stuff below.

other things are not quite single user based, but rather the collective volume will have an affect
You need assorted devs to fix bugs (pause for the laughs :slight_smile: ), more users more ways to find issues.
More Devs to produce more roads, etc.

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That was my working assumption. The costs for an individual user added to the system are going to be minuscule. So to me, it doesn’t help to think of Zwift needing to account for individual users in the way that would make me think of single users as subsidizing costs. I don’t think of us paying users as subsidizing the costs of kids using the system, even though kids aren’t paying, because there are a fairly small number of kids in the total population–I suspect their presence isn’t leading to a big added cost for Zwift.

you could expand it to say sub’d riders who ride say twice a week for an hour subsidise people like me who ride almost daily for muliple hours a week.

Yeah, same with really anything with either different user costs or different amounts of use. A cell phone company offering lower New User rates, Netflix for two users who watch different amounts of TV, etc.

I tried arguing with the bus driver, that he had a lot of empty seats, so he should sell me a ticket for less. It didn’t work out for some reason.


But hotels do that all the time. :slight_smile:

(Edit: I’ve also never met a bus driver that I’d want to argue with. Very nice people who do not want to take my ****, lol)

(Edit Edit: there’s also a local take-and-bake pizza place. If you swing by just before close, they’re likely to have pizzas they made for people who then never came to pay or pick them up, They’ll sell you those for $5 a piece if you ask nicely.)

Commentating to further boost the request. This would be great and it’s crazy they don’t have this option.

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I imagine many zwifters are in this boat - but the new price increase hits 2 zwifter households incredibly hard.

Previously we really didn’t mind the $14 a month too much, so $28 for our household - but now we are looking at $40 a month just to have 2 accounts. That’s a $144 annual increase. Honestly with the $20 a month price we should be able to have 2 profiles on one account. It’s not hard…

I believe in zwift, it’s a great product with great support - but this price increase is short sighted and without a family plan option we will certainly be cancelling next month when the renewal hits. PLEASE implement a family plan. It cannot be that hard.

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it’s possible they may even gain subscribers and users if they do this vs losing people

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Seems like an insider has some inside info:

From comments on the article:
Zwift Announces Membership Price Increase | Zwift Insider

In fairness to Eric though, iirc he was told something was coming soon on the ZRS front, something like a couple of months ago.

And yet here we racers are…


Stay tuned…