Family and Child Plan Request

I would love to have a family account for two or more members.

I would EXPECT to be able to use this with multiple members of the same family for no extra charge - or maybe a very modest charge. I’ve just signed up and discovered this isn’t possible - it’s fairly likely I will cancel as it’s borderline too expensive for one person - at double the price for a second person it’s definitely too expensive.

And in fact I’ve just cancelled. Rouvy are happy to permit this within their subscription.

Nice to come back to this thread after nearly 6-7 yrs from origin and see it’s actually still being discussed. I have given up all hope of a family plan now. I pay for my wife to use Zwift and I carry on with my free original Tacx account.

It would be nice to be able to ride together but no one at Zwift is listening and may still be under the disillusioned thought that I’m going to pay per person full price.

Netflix, Amazon Prime. Spotify, Disney. Apple Etc etc. all have the right idea.

It’s a shame we can’t step this up with movement to a more public forum on facebook or just abandon Zwift altogether and pay for more accurate professional software but my wife likes the cartoon game social look of Zwift so can’t argue with that.

At least riding outdoors we both can record on Strava and compare real time rides (completely free funnily enough). Also Strava responded to this type of request and acknowledged a lot of people are asking so are considering a family plan.


One day….

I just signed up for the 7 day free trial… but then I saw that I couldn’t “upgrade” to a family plan so both my wife and I could run under the same account at a slightly increased rate. Forget it. I won’t even try Zwift. I’ll check out Rouvy since they allow family plans. Cancelling before I even get started.

Same point here, come on it is time to move …

Sorry Zwift you have run out of time.

not a single reply to any requests for a family plan.

I would have happily paid £15/ per 2 family members and suppose £25 for 4 members?

But alas for next month your income will be £0

Would be good to at least respond even if you cant be bothered to listen.


There was a response, just not the one you were hoping for. When you cancel, I hope you will select “Other” for the reason and leave a comment about it.

HI Paul

Meant official reply from Zwift not Zwift users. If there was one I missed it please let me know where it is. Thanks

it was from a Zwift employee

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I meant to say where is a statement from a financial director of Zwift that has worked out £0 from 2 people per month is better than say £16 per month for 2 people. The explanation will be interesting.

I don’t think the financial director of Zwift reads the forums, but you can try reaching out to @shooj or @James_Zwift and see if they can get an official statement from the financial director for you.

That would be interesting although I’m not sure many companies would be willing to share such financial details. They don’t share the number of active accounts so you are asking a bit much probably to expect that level of detail.

In your case the lack of family plan loses them money but i bet there are a lot that pay up for 2+ membership that could make it financially worse for them if they were to offer family discounts

Thanks for all replies. We are well aware that nothing will happen so hence we are moving on. Why a household of 4 over 16’s would want to pay over£50 to use Zwift or 2 adults pay £25 is beyond my understanding unless you are saying they all have separate £1k trainers as well so they can ride together. Someones doing well :joy:

I think there are many households like me that are happy to pay $15 x 2 it is still cheaper than a gym membership and get used a lot more. So If Zwift had a family membership they will looses money. Do I want to pay less yes why not.


Sane hehe, we have 1 trainer and 2 people in the save house. It’s crazy because we can’t both use at the save time. Other cycle apps provide this… Maybe I’ll try one of those. Shame