Family and Child Plan Request

I know thank you but we got him the bike for his 16th birthday. He wasn’t interested until now.

As a fairly long time user, at level 29 with mostly winter use, pretty disappointing that Zwift hasn’t addressed this. It’ll be rouvy for the wife as they allow two users. If I like it, I could drop zwift. Get with it zwift and provide multi-user accounts/pricing!

New zwift user here, just finished the 1 week trial. Bought a used Wahoo Kickr for indoor training and my father has tried using it as well.
Its just not feasible for us to pay $30/month when he isn’t really going to use it.

I enjoyed workouts with ERG mode, so I’m going to look into Rouvy, but my father did enjoy the virtual ride experience of Zwift. Though, $30/mo for two zwift accounts vs $10/mo with rouvy is a huge difference.

Rouvy is 100$ a year with family.

Granted its not as polished nor as immersive as Zwift - but my wife would like to go on Zwift - but the cost for her use of 1-2 a week, just isn’t worth it at the current pricing structure.

We need family plans.

Its crazy, the more I’m on these forums the more I realise that it appears Zwift isn’t listening to any requests or fixing any bugs that are affecting peoples day to day use of Zwift.

I’ve read some more recently… comments on DC Rainmaker articles, other cycling forums and so on. Zwift currently have the biggest market share in this sector but it appears to me that they’re doing a pretty good job of alienating a significant - and vocal - proportion of their customer base mainly due to their outright arrogance.

Not listening to customers is a really big mistake. These days, once a company has become successful, the people that run it need to understand that their business isn’t what they want it to be, it’s what their customers tell them it needs to be. Zwift will ignore this basic principle at their peril.

Well said, my wife and I both paused our Zwift memberships and will most likely cancel. Made the switch to Rouvy for at least 1 year. I’ll check back in a year