False high wattage reading - no way I hit 1400watts

(Jeff Schmitz) #1

While on a Hard attack I was approaching 800 watts but did not look at wattage again.  After dropping I started receiving accolades for clearing 800 Watts.  Then immediately afterwards for clearing 900 Watts up to 1400 Watts.  Upon examining my end of ride and strava data I did not clear 800 Watts.

I am on a Kickr with cadence and not sure what happened unless I hit a high output for a millisecond. (doubt it)  I received a ton of points for the real or perceived effort.


Anyone else having the same issue?

(Michael Henasey) #2

somethings wrong with the KICKR.

i’ve had a somewhat similar experience a couple of times. 

it’s always happened when I first pedal from a complete stop. the wattage will go from 0 to 1000+ instantly and my avatar goes from 0 to 30mph instantly.


(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #3

This happened to me on a ‘dumb’ trainer (with a powermeter)…went from 500 to 1200 (higher?) giving me all those awards while I watched barely pedaling.