Falgged During ZOTT

(James Barnes - 27) #1

Hi Guys


Hope you are well


Saturday evening 7pm (CAT) joined in the ZOTT 25mile TT event. A cat.


Was going well till 20min going up Box Hill i got flagged.

I was 2nd on the road 3 sec behind the leader.


Strava Activity: https://www.strava.com/activities/879429550

Both my Garmin and Zwift showed best efforts of 350w for 20min


Any reason why i was flagged racing in A cat that is 3w/per kg and above



(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #2

First are you Zpower?

what are you in KG? both  that would help out a lot.

(James Barnes - 27) #3

Yeah it was my first event.


i am 69kg and 6ft. I race in cat one here in South Africa


I am using a Tacx Vortex Smart with cycleops hub, garmin cadence sensor