Extreme slowness on OSX High Sierra

I’ve been riding on Zwift just fine for a week and all of the sudden it started running super slow and jerky on my macbook pro. Haven’t installed any new updates. First it gives me the beach ball on the device pairing screen and then when I get through it after couple of minutes the gameplay is jerky and the UI is very unresponsive.

Hi Joonas,


in the same boat…however there is a workaround which i posted here on an earlier thread.

And yes, its a MAC OSX High Sierra bug…something with sleep mode…

and yes, Apple knows about it:


So, either way should solve the issue:

before starting zwift, restart your MBP…then you should be fine.

Sleep/wake up is the problem…

or even reset NVRAM…

additional i wrote a line .txt to show the actual FPS in zwift…so you see at the start

if NVRAM, or whatsoever, is fresh and clean…then its around 50fps

ride on!

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