Extra credit earned for ZA, shows "2 New" on garage but nothing new in the garage

I got the message that I completed the extra credit and there is now a “2 New” on the garage icon when you go to the menu from the game. However, when you go into the garage, there is nothing identified as new. For the past year I’ve had “1 New” showing on the garage but I’ve gone into every single category, searched end to end, and there is nothing. Now I have this new on from the ZA extra credit.

yes i have been wondering about the same as well.

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I have had the exact same issue. Reported it to Zwift and I believe it is a low priority bug.

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Same issue for me. Not a major issue, but it is annoying as you see it every time you go to the menu.

I’ve had this issue long before the extra credit period. Can only assume it’s a bug. Doesn’t affect gameplay or data so I just figured they’d get to it sooner or later.

Yeah, I’ve had the one new badge for probably a year! Thought they’d take care of it by now.