Exporting history to new membership

Does anyone know if it’s possible to export your achievement badges and missions across to a new membership? I have a current subscription but I’m tempted by the new Zwift Hub One which includes 1 year free membership. However, to take advantage of the free year’s membership I’d need to cancel my existing membership…but I’d be gutted to lose my historic data, mission badges etc. Is there any way to export that historic data across to the new membership and then cancel my current membership?

If you just stop your subscription then all your achievements are retained. Can you not then just renew with your old details?

I read that I can suspend my existing subscription (presumably for the entire year of the free subscription) but I assume I’d in turn lose any ride history accrued during the year of the free membership when I restarted the lapsed membership in a year’s time. What I’d really like to do is take out the new (free) membership, transfer across all my user history from the past 3 years, then cancel my original membership, going forwards with the free one from then onwards. The year’s free membership is a good perk, and it would be a shame to not take advantage of it for the sake of retaining ride history, but on the other hand it took sweat and effort to build up that ride history and I’d hate to lose it.

Why would you need to cancel your current subscription? My understanding is that when you redeem the 1-year membership that comes with the Hub it just adds on to the end of your current subscription. So, I don’t think you’d need to do anything. You might want to reach out to Zwift support to confirm, though.

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Ah, if that’s true then I’m worrying unnecessarily. I tried to find the answer re Zwift support but it wasn’t covered by the FAQs…

You assume incorrectly. If you suspend your membership (as a lot of members so during the Summer months in their part of the world when they are riding outside) then all your achievements and other data is retained. So … suspend your current membership, and then claim the year subscription to reactivate it, and carry on from where you are.

I used the code and it just added in to my current membership and said next payment due in Nov. ‘24.


Great, thanks everyone for your replies - clearly I was worrying unnecessarily! I appreciate your input…

It’s a reasonable thing to confirm though, given how many companies offer deals to New but not Existing customers. Glad to hear it works this way though.

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