Export Walk as Walk not Run

When Zwift treadmill exports it is always as a virtual run, with no option for a walk. I train for long hikes, and don’t always run, but don’t want to mess up my run stats either. Please add this as an option!!! Even if just on final save. Thank you!!

Related to the feature request for better walk support, but specific to just Strava export. Thanks!

FYI, you can do this with Activityfix.com - just build a rule to change the Strava activity type based on description name when saving in Zwift (for example I would pre-pend the activity name in Zwift with say RUN at the beginning of the title, then use that as the basis for auto-changing the event type in activity fix).

Thanks for the idea. Tried it, confirmed ActivityFix correctly matched the activity, but it still remains listed as “Virtual Run”.