Export ride to Polar Flow

(Stu Simpson-Biles) #1

I’d like to incorporate my Zwift sessions into Polar Flow. Polar don’t offer the feature to import FIT/GPX files at this time. It would be great if Zwift could connect to an existing flow account and sync automatically.


(Gerrie Delport) #2

You can import Gpx and TCX files to Polar flow. 



You can import a route exported from a third party service into the Polar Flow web service and sync it to your Polar V800 or Polar V650.

  1. Export a route from a third party web service. The file format should be GPX or TCX.
  2. Sign into Polar Flow.
  3. Go to Favorites by clicking the  icon in the top right corner.
  4. Click Import route.
  5. Drag and drop the file you want to import or browse it from your computer.

NOTE: You can only import GPX or TCX files, and the maximum file size is 25 MB.
6. Click Import to start the upload.
7. If the imported file contains several routes, choose which route you want to import.
8. Name the route, and pick a sport if you want. You don’t have to specify the sport for the route yet. You can choose it when you start the exercise on your training device.
9. Click Import. The route is then added to your Favorites.
10. Sync the route to your training device with Polar FlowSync software. See the user manual of your training device for instructions.

NOTE: If the route is long, it will be compressed into 500 waypoints when you transfer it to your training device.
11. For instructions on how to start a training session with route guidance on your training device, see the user manual of your training device.

(Joe Procopio) #3

I’m assuming you want to sync your Zwift ACTIVITY to Polar, like you can with Strava, etc…just importing a tcx or gpx file won’t do…we want Polar Flow to show up here to sync to…



Just importing the gpx/tcx files does not import the workout information ie: cadence, speed, power etc…

(Gerrie Delport) #4

That is the problem with Polar they don’t play nice with anybody. I don’t think polar can import from any third party. That is why I don’t have any polar products anymore.

(Joe Procopio) #5

I find Polar to be more accurate than the mass produced Garmin products…especially in the GPS area which seems alittle odd to me, but from my testing, it is true.

just need the API from Polar to be able to connect…doesn’t seem too hard, but if Polar is holding out on supplying that, that’s weird, because you can export FROM Polar to Strava etc

(Vyacheslav Veykut) #6

I would like to see an official response from zwift on this topic. While this is all very uncomfortable (the lack of synchronization of training data with Polar flow).
Also of the two pedals polar look keo power bluetooth smart is supported by only one (two-sided version is not supported, which is also inconvenient).

(Paul Allen) #7

Joe Procopio,

Just because you can export from Polar to Strava does not mean it can work the same way as going from Zwift to Polar.

Garmin is the same way. I can connect my Garmin account to Strava and all Garmin activities automatically get uploaded to Strava (and TrainingPeaks), but Garmin does not allow 3rd party apps/devices to automatically upload to Garmin Connect.

It might be better served to bring this up with Polar as other have done with Garmin (Garmin has not been helpful in the request as of yet). 

(Niclas Uggla) #8

Can you please make it possible to export the activity to polar flow!

(Piero Rosito) #9

POLAR API Released


(Steve Ellis) #10

"It is notable that at this time the data access is read-only to the Polar Flow data.  Meaning that you can’t publish data into Polar Flow….yet.  When asked, Polar said:

“At the moment it is purely retrieval. We are looking for possibilities to make it two way connection but we still need to work on that.”


(Piero Rosito) #11

Damn :frowning: didn´t read the whole article

(Philippe Beringer) #12



Here is the way I use to export my Zwift session to my Polar Flow automatically. It works fine.

To do so, you will need 3 things :

. A Strava account linked to your zwift account, as Zwift can export automatically to Strava. 

. A Phone running under Android

. Why an Android phone ? To run The Syncmytracks android app, which is able to synchronize a lot of sport tracking services, especially Polar flow and Strava. Configure it to export from Strava, and import to Polar. 


Zwift should perhaps ask the Syncmytracks team how they do this, importing sessions into Polar Flow    :wink: !?


Hope this will help. Feel free to ask for more details if needed.





(H Flo) #13

SyncMyTracks didn’t sync the route or the Power for me. Just the basic duration and distance I think…

(Aidan Broadbridge) #14

Another request for polar flow flow please!

(G. Albertini) #15

I am vested in Polar activity data with a loop and a V800.  BIG request for rides to log into Polar Flow so I get the activity credit.  The work around to get heart data into both  polar and swift is very cumbersome and not sustainable.