"Explore First" button for free 25km trial [SOLVED]

I usually cancel the membership for the Summer months and might jump on for a few sessions if the weather is bad using the free 25km a month. I jumped on last Sunday as we had a bad day using apple tv and I could not get past the subscription page. I never had this issue before and I am wondering if Zwift have now removed the free 25km.

free 25KM is showing up ok here on PC

That is strange. I get the screen below.

Is that on the app or the Zwift Web site

Zwift app on Apple TV

Ah right, I don’t use such devices, how do you pay, via the zwift web site or apple pay

The “Explore First” button will allow you to ride the free 25 km monthly.

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I pressed that button and then selected a route. When I went to start ride it would bring the screen up again.

I have subbed for the coming month again. I will try it next month again.

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Same here… buggy software :frowning:

The prob is only if you run Zwift on Apple TV… I tried with Mac OS and it works…

I have the same issue. Tried to write a ticket to support but can’t get past the bots.

Does not work on Apple TV.

@shooj Maybe can you investigate this as a couple of other users have the same issue.

Hey all - we are investigating. The report that this happens on an Apple TV but not on macOS is weird.


This issue should be solved with a server-side change we made.

@Brendan_O_Regan_PACK @Mad_Ark_Nbg @Dean_Edrington would you confirm that it’s cleared up for you?

Will do once my sub runs out later in the month. Thanks

All is great, Thanks!

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