Expired Childrens account

My childrens account has expired yet I am only 12!! Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem. I have contact zwift today but just wondered if anyone else had seen this happen.

I believe it has to be renewed yearly and may have expired, so your parent/guardian will probably have to contact Zwift.

Yes it needs to be renewed by your parents, they just updated the terms too so they should have got an email about it 2 weeks ago.

My daughters account says it will be cut off too. She noticed it at login the other day. I reached out to zwift and have not heard back. She’s hoping not to lose access in a couple days because she plans to ride more since she is doing school virtually right now.

Hi @Andy_Linquist, there was an email sent out to all the parents/guardians of child accounts in July I think with a new procedure to renew the child accounts. Check your spam email for that message, you might still have it.

Otherwise, support is taking a few days to a week to respond due to the high volume of requests.

Here is a link to the new consent form: https://zwift.com/kids

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For some reason I didn’t receive that. I’m a little afraid to just fill out a new consent form via that link because its the way they set up new accounts and my daughter is level 14 and would be pretty unhappy if they messed that up.

Andy I heard back and had to fill in another consent form. I received a response to this about 7-10 days later and he was back online.