Expired Account - Child


Can you help please. My account has expired and I am no longer able to ride, I am only 14 years old so I think should be free?

My dad filled in the guardians exclaimer, so I should be able to ride, No??

I ride almost every day, so this is not nice for me.

Thank you


Hi @A_Hoy

You parents need to re apply every year.

Please see this post, Free Kids Accounts - Guardians Please Read?

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There is no mention of having to do this annually and my dad said that he filled the form in October which is less than 12 months??

I checked my emails and there is no other email mentioning what you have stated or any other email asking for my dad to fill in a consent form??

Then you should contact Zwift: Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift

We have and there is no response. My dad has sent email and tried to contact on Twitter with no success… I told him about the yearly thing, so he has just filled the disclaimer in again.

It looks like Zwift does not want me to ride…

@A_Hoy, unfortunately Zwift support can be slow at times, there are many complaints about their slow response times and for some reason if you contact them again you get pushed to the back of the line. Us forum users aren’t much help when it comes to these account matters, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Your best course of action is patience, I’m sure they will get your account back up and running, er pedaling, soon. Hang in there…

Hi all,

For Free Child Accounts that are due to expire, we simply ask that guardians submit an updated consent form via www.zwift.com/kids.
When doing so, please be sure that the ‘Child Email’ being submitted is the current email used by the child. This will minimize confusion with the team and get the account renewed in a timely manner.


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