Experienced the "rocket" bug

So yesterday, while taking part in the L’Etape du Tour Stage 3 - Open, @ 2pm (EST), I experienced the bug where I’m skyrocketing past people, watts are up to 1000, etc. I was half way up the climb when this happened. I immediately stopped pedaling.

I attempted to unpair/pair my KICKR (via Ant+) multiple times, but would experience the same. Finally, I decided to unpair my KICKR and then pair it using Bluetooth. That seemed to resolve the issue, until the very end, where I was experience some wonkiness.

This is the first time I’ve experienced this, and I’ve been on Zwift since the beta days. I recall seeing people report this, but not sure if there was a solution or workaround.

My setup
Wahoo KICKR (1st gen)
Wahoo RPM
Windows 10

  • Fred

Hi @Fred_Grafe_Active_Ya welcome to the forums!
The rocket bug has been a real challenge for us to reproduce.

Since this is still fresh - would you send us all your logs? Here’s where to find them. We’d like:
Log.txt and any older versions dated July 19
Launcher_log.txt and any older versions dated July 19

We’d also like the FIT file(s) for July 19. Here’s where to locate those.

Please attach them to an email to support@zwift.com, and reference the URL for this forum thread so you don’t have to rewrite the issue. Thank you for flagging it up to us.

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Thank you for the quick response.
I sent the requested files to support@zwift.com