[EVO CC FLUX RIDE - 08/02/2021 1700 GMT - Male]

Hi I got a DQ for no HR on a D CAT group ride, I honestly didn’t think I would need an HR monitor?
Can I please be re-instated as I hate having a DQ next to my name?

​Hi @Paul_Dyer

Please send a E-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com

When you do, come armed with some information so that we can help you more quickly and easily:

  • A link to your ZwiftPower profile
  • Your ZwiftPower username
  • Your Zwift ID

​Hi @Paul_Dyer

If you aren’t sure how to locate your Zwift ID, check out this article for steps.

Do not post that information here. Please. Send it in the email.

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