Everything connected - character wont move in app, please help

Good day Swift users. I really want Swift to take my money but with spending the best part of 12 hours of my life to try and get up and running, i can’t seem to make it happen.

Below is an image i taken to show the sensors are working correctly apparently. It shows ANT + signal is also all working correctly. Yet, every time i go onto a course and start pedaling i am one of those poor noobs bunched at the side of the road watching everyone else go by hoping i will become like them one day. The character does not move.

I have a samsung A5 phone, i have reset the app on 3 occasions, uninstalled and reinstalled, using android app and. Other information you need please do not hesitate to ask. Appreciate any help and apolagies if i am being a complete noob here and it’s something simple. Thank you.

Welcome to Zwift. I had issues like this too when I first started. I gave up on just using the phone.
Do you have a PC you can use? I always start my PC first and than use my phone to control Zwift.

I have a Tacx Neo and heart rate monitor so have to pair it to all particularly “controllable” if not then like you I’m in the ditch. What trainer do you have?

Don’t worry soon somebody else will know exactly what to do to get you up and running I have found so many helpful people here.

ANT+ on Android is still beta and not fully functional, I think.
Try using Bluetooth.

Thank you for your replies. Yes I have a PC and I have also installed it on Windows. However, I can not pick up either Bluetooth or ant signals on the actual PC for some reason. The trainer is lifeline (I think, I’m not beside it at presant moment ) TT-01 magnetic.

As for using Bluetooth, this is currently a no no as I don’t have a Bluetooth Trainer etc. Although this will be my last resort if I can’t solve it but I really want to try and avoid splashing more money out.

This usually happen if you have ridden your trial distance or time.

Thanks for your reply Gerrie. I can assure you i have not ridden my trial distance, i have not ridden a single meter (it says on my screen i still have 25km trial to use). The character simply will not move. So what your saying is, take a gamble and pay for subscription imediately and skip trial and hope for the best. I suppose i could try this since my last resort would be getting a bluetooth trainer anyway and i can see me using this service.

I would not subscribe until you get it working. Gerrie is very knowledgeble hence he knows if you exceed the trial but not the case for you. My set up is an Ant+ dongle connected to a PC and when I was starting that was suggested by someone in the forum, might even have been Gerrie. Anyway since getting on Ant+ I’ve had no issues.

Your paring screen shows everything is working, I see cadence and Speed on that screen.

My thoughts exacly, everything working that is. It’s very baffling. In that case, screw it, lets try this and subscribe.

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Just an update, subscribing never worked. It simply got rid of the free 25km on screen and the rider still never moved.

I then seen a second hand elite Bluetooth trainer in my city for sale and snapped it up. Connected bike to it, literally in seconds it synced and yes, my character immediately moved. Great relief. Was a little shocked how easy it was!! Thank you all for your help.

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Next sign up for the everest challenge, the only way to get Tron wheels and I would recommend reading Zwiftinsider.com and signing up to Zwiftpower.com too. Zwiftinsider.com has some great getting started guides and how to sign up for Zwiftpower.