Everesting on Giving Tuesday 29th Nov

Anyone need an excuse to commit to vEveresting this year? Well, it’s Giving Tuesday on 29th November - a global event to celebrate charities, get fundraising, and do crazy stuff to raise money… like Everesting!

I’ll be joining a colleague and fundraising for our charity by vEveresting on the Alpe.

Who’s up for joining us? Would be great if we had a load of people to support each other, raise tons of money for charities and get that Everesting badge.

Go on - it’s only 8 and a half times up the Alpe :wink:

Hi Tris, everesting is something i was contemplating this winter and would have like to join you but it needs to be a weekend for me due to work commitments. Goid luck and hopefully we can both fibd a few mad enough to join us :wink:

Same for me. VEveresting is on my bucket list but a weekend would work much better.
Anyway, what’s your pacing strategy?

I’ve got to do the Tuesday because it’s a global fundraising event!

Pacing - 1hr for the climbs - eat, rest, shower on the descents. 10-11hrs and we’re done :slight_smile:

And hey, if I enjoy it enough maybe I’ll join you at a weekend too :crazy_face:

Mhhh. I have to work on the 1 hour per climb detail. :crazy_face: