Everest challenge only once?

(Sadao Ikebe) #1

Hello, I have completed the part 2 of the Everest challenge.

I mean, I have climbed 50000m(164k ft) so I got the glowing bike.

But I have noticed that once I have just completed the challenge, there was a message “COMPLETED 1 TIME(S)” like that.

I was so excited that I would really love to climb another 50000meters.

But after rebooting zwift, the message had gone, and it says just “100% complete”. 50000m/50000m It doesn’t seem to count up.

Where were the message?

I wanted to confirm if it’s normal or not.

If it isn’t normal and there should be another 50000m challenge, please take me to the 2nd stage of the challenge.

If it’s normal, please add another challenge :slight_smile: