Events with X Time @ Y Watts - how is it people are flying past you?


Today i did an event, The Cauberg Royal Classic Mens Workout. This has the time and for how long to hold roughly those watts at. (1min @ 260W , 50 secs/310watts et cetera)

Trying to stay with in those limits, i started out in 66th place, or around there, trying to keep at the top safe zone of the watts, you eventually can work your way higher in position, i some how got to around 12th place, then on the next zone where it said to drop your power, I did so, but then everyone around me, even thought their kg/w were not super high, were just passing by me and suddenly I am back in 50th + again.

Am i miss-understanding the relationship between watts vs speed? Using my resistance dial i was adjusting to try and stay with in the zones. But some parts i found i had to go very high over the recommend watts just to stay with the group…The worry of that is if you run over the watts you can get disqualified from races I was reading over on ZwiftPower, as the race is supposed to be tracked over there.

Was that a race?

It did have ranking along the right side so I presume it was?

Just noticed, Zwift companion says I came in 9th but Zwiftpower says 23rd.

Looking at the description.

Nope. This is a workout series spread across four weeks that puts you square in the saddle to boost your engine.

So it seem like it was a group event most probably a workout with the rubber band keeping everyone together.

So the position in the results is irelevant. Every one finished at the same time so is all random.


K, interesting, there were part where it seemed no matter how you peddled you would not go past a certain speed, I was going to ask if they can lock down speed in areas?

So much to learn still about Zwift!


Found this today, its all so clear now!

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What you are actually running into is being a cat e workout Zwift has a calculation thingy to keep everyone together from 1.0 - 5.0 w/kg. So people can work hard, get a workout in, and finish at the sameish time despite having very different power outputs.