Events vs Training Plans

(Jim Mattson) #1

If I’m signed up for an event at 5AM, and I log in to Zwift at 4:50AM, it’s a pretty good bet that I’m logging in for the event. Yet, the first question Zwift asks me is whether or not I want to do a training plan workout.

This seems backwards. The first question should be, “Are you going to the event?” Then, if I say “no,” the next question should be, “Do you want to do a training plan workout?”

(⚛David Kolibaba⚛) #2

I’m sorry about the confusion, but I don’t see that you had an event reminder scheduled. It looks like you did join an event on Saturday, but the reminder was disabled and the event was completed Monday. I don’t see any events set for Tuesday, though.

(Jim Mattson) #3

This comment was in regard to two events for which I pre-registered: one on Saturday and one on Monday. In both cases, when I logged in to Zwift just ahead of the event, the first question I was asked was whether or not I wanted to do a workout (Method) from my training plan.

I have another event Thursday morning. I can upload a sequence of screenshots from that event if they are necessary to clarify my point.

(⚛David Kolibaba⚛) #4

That shouldn’t be necessary if it’s any inconvenience to you. I understand your concern is that the wrong prompt is coming up first and you’d prefer to be reminded about events before being reminded about available Training Plan workouts.

I’ll add a feature request for you from our side so our developers consider your request directly, but they also like to peruse these forums for new project ideas. They’ll be made aware in both regards.

Thanks for your feedback!

(Jim Mattson) #5

No inconvenience. Here’s the sequence I’m talking about: