Events priority for consecutive events

A week ago I had a problem with events priority set by Zwift. I signed up for a race followed by a ride few minutes apart. First a TT race was 17.8 ks and 24 minutes into the race and 6 minutes from the start of the next ride Zwift screen opened with the countdown timer with default selection for moving me to the start of the following ride even though the race was still going on. 500m from the finish line I had to jump of the bike and stop the countdown timer and jump back on the bike and finish the race. Being a TT race I wasn’t impacted but if I was in a bunch I would have lost the bunch. I know a phone would solve the problem but I do not use my phone while Zwifting.

Zwift can make this feature smarter by making the default choice of the countdown timer “stay” if the rider is already part of an event at the time when the next event is about to start. Then if I care more about next event and i do not finish in time current event I can just stop the current one and decide to go to the next one by dismounting the bike.

If I want to continue current event I should be allowed to do so without the need of pushing a button which in a group sprint situation could make me lose the race.

Just thinking about this, what would happen with someone that do his less important race first and depend on the timer to take him to his preferred race.

Having the phone or KB or remote nearby drastically improve the Zwift experience.

the countdown timer still shows up as is today but the default selection is “stay” instead of “go”. Because your less important race is first and you cannot finish it in time you do not “regret” by switching to the start of the next race which is more important. But if your important race is first and you have enough time to finish it you do not want be stopped 500m from the finish line and taken to the start of the next one and warmup there for 6 minutes.