Events not shown when booting up Zwift [1.44] [August 2023]


I am currently using a 2017 Macbook Air running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 and have started experiencing issues with the zwift application after this latest update for the program. Currently, the app no longer shows events (the event space is just blank) and events that I have signed up for do not show up on the screen. I rebooted my computer and uninstalled/reinstalled the program to no avail. Any tips for fixing?


Hi @Pierce_Powers welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I peeked at your server logs and confirmed that your MacBookAir7,2 is on the latest available version 1.44 of the main app. The v 1.45 for macOS and iOS begins tomorrow FYI.

This is the first report I’ve heard of the Event part of the home screen being blank with v 1.44, so I’m inclined to think it might be something specific to your machine, and not something a lot of others are experiencing. So that we can do a deeper dive into your computer, please contact us and let’s have a look at your local game logs for clues.

If I had to guess - a file may have corrupted during the previous game update. When that happens - deleting all the files related to Zwift and re-installing fresh can clear that up. Here are the instructions. It’s a more thorough removal of files the usual macOS “Uninstall” process. Please be mindful to move any Custom Workout files out of the way before you begin.

I have no idea if this could be related, but I’m curious why you are running Catalina on a system that supports Monterey. Apple is no longer releasing updates for it, including critical security patches. No updates for the last year.