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(Antonio Nascimento(PTz)) #1

Hi all I have the feeling this topic has already been requested and I know that Zwift Community and many Facebook groups already addressed this, but just in case I am writing here. Sorry if it is a repost.

1 - In the last months more and more virtual events have been setup by facebook platform (World Tours, ZTR, WWR, WSR, Charity races, etc). Zwift is already sociable by joining everyone into a virtual world, but these groups want to take it to a complete new level, setting racing rules, handicap categories, methods to do a good start, live commentaries, race results, rules against cheating etc, etc…

2 - I don’t know where Zwift backend instances are running right now, I don’t even know how is Zwift leading with scalability with the numerous requests and all the data you have to do for these riders, but so far I like it, although sometimes in big events with more than 250 people near by riders get unstable (I don’t see the list for some seconds. Is it to calm down the servers :smiley: or just my internet connection).

3 - Many organizers of these “zwiftbook” events put a lot of effort to make it happen, replying to many crazy questions and gaining data from strava to present results. We know that Zwift is working with Strava to new things, but we also know that such a big feature as Event Builder cannot be shared by both. “We train in Zwift for 1 hour, we compare, speculate, organize in Strava and Facebook for N hours”.

4 - If the rest of community wants to contribute with ideas to this subject please do.

One more time many many gigawatt thanks for Zwift for revolutionize the indoor cycling experience!!!