Events: ability to neutralize/pause

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #1

There are some longer events happening, like the Asia 100km and KISS 100km races where the duration begins to exceed the bladder capacity of most riders.  There have even been some organized imperial century rides.  I propose that it would be handy to have a neutral pause enforced on the event.  I can see two ways of implementing this offhand:

  1. Let the ride leader initiate it
  2. Build it into the event setup.  For example, at the 90 minute mark enforce a 5 minute pause.

The effect would be for all riders to be brought to a stop (you can keep pedalling, but you won’t move) and a count down timer displays showing how long the neutral period will last.  People can take a quick nature break, refill a bottle or whatever strikes their fancy.

For races this would preserve any time gaps but for more social rides I could see it being nice if people off the back of the ride leader had the option to keep riding up until they rejoined the leader during the neutral period.