Event screenshot paired with wrong ride

This morning, I rode TdZ stage 1 in London, and then clicked Return to New York, where I rode a short cool-down ride in New York.

In both ZCA Activities and on Strava, the screenshot associated with the New York ride is from the London event.

Yes it’s a little bit confusing but if you want to mark as an eventsession in Strava and companion app you have to stay in the event scene after the event, otherwise Zwift toke everytime the last location as main session location.

It sounds like you agree that the Return to <world> option is broken. Right?

No, it‘s the normal way how it works in Zwift.

So, you are saying that it is working as intended?

Just to be perfectly clear: you are saying that this London screenshot is supposed to be attached to this New York ride?

Sorry to belabor the point, but your contention leaves me agog. Are you gaslighting me?