Event roll outs ..not drag race starts

Love Zwift but hate the unrealistic start to EVERY event and I can’t be the only one.

Why can’t Zwift enforce at least a 1km of 3min role out - it’s just so rubbish to continue with drag race starts with riders loading up to 500watts before the flag drops… I came across one event that enforced a role out so it’s possible…

So anyone with any thoughts or support?

Yo Noob , WE have trained  for it,  you will learn  to love it, or get out.  this not the first time a Noob talk about this,  +  it great way for you to work on your VO2 max , the Pen is for warm up/free ride before the race, IT RACE.

Hardly a noob…anyway goes without saying that given all the hard work of the designers to simulate biking that this element isn’t looked at… vo2 can be worked in trying to pull away from the pack after a roll out…now that’s great training if you’ve got the power.

2700Km, you are total Noob,  look at me at 31,000Km on Zwift,   Man up and Race.

In those terms hard to disagree…not doing bad for 50 though you must be exceptional at 103!

Ha Ha, you guys are funny.

Yes the races start fast, but if you pick the correct  level it should be manageable. 

Do some masters races and then it is hard to keep up but if I ride in my w/kg cat C the start is less craze. 



i get Pump up by  watch Track racing, + I have been playing way to much Call of Duty.