Event Results - relationship to zwiftpower

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #1

Is Zwift planning on hosting results listings? Although the zwiftpower site is good, it seems to be having a lot of issues with correctly collating results. I assume this is a volunteer activity, so I would not want to criticize their efforts.

Is it Zwift’s policy to stay away from results posting because of the issues surrounding disputes etc… ? 

My opinion is that Zwift needs to host results for this platform to maintain viable long-term.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Our results will be hosted on our website eventually. The work is underway to do this.  There is an issue around validating riders performances and for some races I expect the 3rd party websites will continue to be the “official” results to those clubs or groups of riders.

We have to tread carefully here as a company as it’s tough for us to tell a paying customer that we do not believe his or her results.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #3

That will be great when you get this implemented. I understand not wanting to to deal with all the issues related to performance. It’s a hornet’s nest, for sure. 

It just drives me crazy that a smal percentage of people with “issues” ruin things for everything else…

Maybe you could have a premium tier membership that list results for those people. I know that sounds elitist, but the reality is that that in order to race on Zwift, it’s already a significant investment, in time and equipment , so incremental additional cost would be trivial for your most committed subscribers.




I agree with comment re: taking control of race results or offering to support to the generous people of ZwiftPower. It seems the racing and group ride communities have taken off and occupy a significant place in the Zwift diaspora. This seems classic and key “Lean Startup” (Steve blank) feedback, especially in the world of tech. Listening to the customers to guide how the business grows, and there seems to be a big appetite for people to race and study, in detail, their results, their training progress and their power data. Come on Zwift, this is crying out to be developed isn’t it ?