Event page not loading

Trying to book an event and all I have is a white screen with nothing showing. Sort this out please got this on 2 pc’s so its your website.

Have you tried a different browser?

You can use the companion app to sign up for events.

Why change something that has been working ok for along time. If zwift has changed something maybe mention that to people who are now paying higher subs.

Ok, what browser are you using? I just tried Chrome and it works for me.

Have you tried the ZCA like @Gerrie_Delport suggested?

I tested:
Chrome = Working 100%
Firefox = Working 100%
Microsoft Edge = Noting 0%

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I have the same issue already for a long time. Everything is working fine with Edge, but not with Chrome. Yes, there is the companion app too, but I just like to use my PC which is way more user friendly than the app in my perception.

Sometimes the event page suddenly does load. Sometimes after a couple of refreshes. But most of the time the page is empty. There are objects on the page because the mouse does change shape at some spots and sometimes when I randomly click I see the URL is changing towards an event page. But most of the times also that event page is blank.

Although there are workarounds, this is pretty annoying to be honest.

Same here. Page doesn’t load in Chrome or Edge. What solution or workaround is available?