Event Organisers Contact Details

In order to facilitate communication before and after an event please can it be mandatory for each event to publish event Organisers Contact details?

This is particularly key for races in order to finalise the outcome of to discuss issues that arise during the event.

With thanks

All agreed. Team WBR will include a feedback email address in all Ride Descriptions for our WBR 1 Lap Flat RACE #pst and WBR TT Threshold #pst RACE events going forward. Thanks Charlie. #powerofbicycles

Totally agree.  On a similar topic I had a discussion with Cycligent support about missing races, they informed me that races for rankings are only loaded from Zwift power if finalized by the organizer.  In some cases there is a Facebook group link, but for many there is no way to get in touch and get those last steps done if they are missing.  Would be very helpful if I had a way to contact organizers.