Event name

why when i follow events…
my real id name change to watopian in review ?
and then on the right side monitor cant see others riders…
have solution ?

Aren’t you the person who had a name similar to the KKK?

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It is indeed. Not sure if the name change gets reviewed or if that marker is for life.

Probably best off contacting Zwift support.

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yes bro…
i dont know about that…
bcoz my nick name in my place call that…
so i change it now…
may u help me to release from watopian in review ?

I can’t help you, sorry, please contact Zwift

i contact zwift support already… but no respond

oke mike tq for reply me :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It can take a while for Zwift to respond.

They take some time to help people so you will have to be patient.

Zwift seem to use that name for dodgy accounts they find so I would suggest your previous name has triggered the new name. Mike and Stuart are spot on - only Zwift support will help you with that.

You also mentioned not seeing others riders - I had a look at your profile and activities. As you dont appear in your recent event results and have mentioned riders disappearing, its highly likely the network between you and Zwift is dodgy. Might be fixed with a router reboot but could be your ISP, wifi interference or something else. Throwing a log file onto Zwiftalizer.com may confirm if it is network related.

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