event joining time savers

for your consideration:

  • Joining events via the site would be really helpful as the filtering is better than the app and it’s far more responsive
  • I often ride the same race series so it’s quite tedious to have to join them every week, an option to subscribe to a series would be great by category
  • Quick join an event for my category without the additional step

These are great suggestions! You’ll be happy to know that the first is in the works and we hope to launch soon. Can you expand on how you envision ‘Quick Join’ working? 

Ride On.

Scott B.

That’s great news, Scott. I look forward to the updates.

Perhaps allow riders to assign a category in their profile or more simply filter by the specific category in the search preferences. Add a ‘quick join’ button on the event list that enters the rider in the event for their preferred category.