Event Biehler SYN Stage Race Stage 1

Today I participated in stage 1 of the Biehler SYN Stage Race.

Everything was going well until km 6-7, from then I had problems with the power output.
Everytime I want to put power on the pedal it couldn’t hold it. It felt like when given power the trainer couldn’t hold on and let go. I was pushing in to nothing. I could no longer push more then 130w, more was not possible.

I could not even hold a stable cadans. After the event I shut zwift down en restart it again for a ride along the ocean lava cliffside loop and had no issues. I could push the power I wanted with the cadans I wanted.

Does anybody know what the problem is that I had, or is it just related to this event? Firsttime I had an issue like this with my tax Neo

Greets Stephane

That sound like a trainer issue, something like a trainer that is overheating.

I did a ride after the event no cooling down and everything was working fine. Strange.

My Zwift crashed two times at 6.3km at this race yesterday. (Zwift App.exe has stopped working)

Tried to do the race at 19:00 and 20:00 but couldn’t finished them. At Watopia everything worked good.