Evaluating races vs group rides

Hi! I am participating in the women’s Zwift academy. So far, so good! I had some questions tho.

I started a bit after August 5th, so I’m structuring my workouts and group-rides/races relatively close together. I am a strong rider and am seriously hoping to be considered for recruitment. I’ve already completed 1 race and 1 group ride (in addition to a number of workouts…)

My question is about the “weight” or value that the Academy places on group rides vs. races. I know that we can do any combination of them (as long as it adds up to 4). However, given my actual racing schedule, it’s preferable if I fill most of my credits with group rides as recovery, as opposed to riding hard in races for 2-3 credits.

In order to be seriously considered for the Academy, should I do more races than group rides? And do I need to do a variety of racing types, or is completing circuit races considered equally?

One additional question - is doing more group rides beyond the requisite four a bonus or does it add extra weight? I prefer to ride outside for recovery, but am willing to participate in more group rides for the remaining weeks of the Academy :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info you can share!

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